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Archaeological findings show that Strassoldo had been populated since the end of the Upper Paleolithic. Remains of Roman constructions and some longobard remains suggest a continuity of settlements. The proximity of the important Roman road Julia Augusta makes this hypothesis plausible. It seems that as early as 565 there was a castle called "from the two towers", that this was built with the ruins of Aquileia, destroyed by the Hungarians.

Free Feudaries, the Strassoldos drew their endowments directly from the emperors, before the birth of the temporal power of the Patriarchs of Aquileia (1077). The genealogy of the Lords, later Baroni and finally Conti (of the Holy Roman Empire) Strassoldo is full of illustrious characters. Crusader fence with Barbarossa fell between the cilicia and Armenia, Arthur, one of the main exponents of the Free Feudatarians, was Prefect General of Friuli for Frederick II of Sweden, Frederick Ambassador of Maximilian I in Turkey and Poland, Panfilo Nunzio Apostolic Archbishop of Ragusa, Governor of Rome, John leader, armed a galley with which he participated in the Battle of Lepanto, Heroic Kingship Archduke Captain of Gradisca during the war count the Venetians (1615-1617), Raymond Prince Archbishop of Eichstatt in Bavaria and many others. Coming to the most recent history, it is interesting to remember the most recent illustrious ancestors of the owner of the Castle of Sopra: Michele di Strassoldo, who was vice-president of Lombardo-Veneto (first of Maximilian of Habsburg) and then of Styria, whose sister, Francesca Romana, married Field Marshal (then Captain) Radezky in the church of the castle; The Austrian Field Marshal Kuhn von Kuhnenfeld, who was Francis Joseph's war minister and chancellor of the Military Order of Maria Theresa, the whose daughter had married Julius Caesar Strassoldo.