Provincial Museum Art Gallery
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Some Works from '500 to '800

Enjoy a very small part of the cultural treasures that belong to Gorizia and the people of Gorizia in two videos made by Gorizia3.0. We did it to make it clear what we are talking about. Not of miserable political careers, salaries or places, but of a heritage of works of art of which the people of Gorizia should be proud and which can be the basis of a difficult economic revival of the city, NOT heterogeneously managed by Trieste.

Although incomplete, the two small photo galleries at the bottom of this article are interesting. They define a policy of acquisitions that intelligently tried to recompose a certain stylistic unity of Julian art. A very strong Trieste presence, which certainly testifies an identity of views, a cultural milieu with great analogies, which derive from common cultural humus that is undoubtedly the Central European one. In this sense the Provincial Museums of Gorizia and the Revoltella of Trieste are mirror-like. We of Gorizia3.0, hope and believe that between the two cities, also in the cultural field, there must be absolute reciprocity, without complexes of any kind.

Some Works of the 20th Century