They are the backbone of Italian tourism, the restaurateurs. Those gathered in a historic association, that of Buon Ricordo, launch a cry of alarm that we receive and gladly publish. In the Region there are ten great restaurateurs who are part of Buon Ricordo, three of them in the province of Gorizia: Hotel Restaurant Carnia in Venzone, Hotel Restaurant Là di Moret in Udine, Locanda al Castello in Cividale, Lokanda Devetak 1870 in San Michele del Carso, Restaurant Al Sole in Forni Avoltri, Restaurant Osteria La Pergola in San Daniele, Historic Restaurant Al Ponte in Gradisca, Trattoria alla Luna in Gorizia, Trattoria Da Nando in Mortegliano, Trattoria Da Toni in Gradiscutta di Varmo.

Here is the text: "38 days have now passed since that terrible 22nd February 2020. For many of us restaurateurs, since that moment the receipts have gone to zero. Fear has begun to creep in among the customers and the scheduled events have all been cancelled. We immediately had to put the staff on vacation. First, we were ordered to close in the evening, then to close definitively when by now almost all of us were already closed".
"It's been days and weeks since then. All of Buon Ricordo, like his colleagues in the Italian catering industry, has been waiting for quick and incisive help. Still nothing, except a slight delay in the payment of taxes and contributions. The redundancy fund for our employees is coming in these hours. No direct economic help from the State. Our colleagues abroad tell us about "important" measures taken by governments such as Germany, France and Hungary. For the Italian catering industry, as well as for small and medium enterprises, almost nothing."
"Times are over! If our premises have to be closed for another month in these conditions it will be an absolute disaster. Many of us won't reopen. For once, it would have been important to anticipate the problem, not chase it! We have been optimistic for 56 years, we love our Italy. We will do everything we can not give up. But we can't do it alone. We have said this in times that are still not so dramatic, but nothing has moved. Ours is a cry of alarm that unites the entire Italian catering industry. The Buon Ricordo, thanks to its history, thinks it can represent the thousands of colleagues scattered throughout the peninsula." 

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