Almost eighty thousand views and more than a thousand shares for our articles on GorizIa3.0: it's the proof of how much the coronavirus problem and the fate of the hospital of Gorizia interests the citizens. We are selfish people who care about the concrete and above all the perspectives of our city and our province, of which the hospital of Gorizia will hopefully be a column. Many readers applaud the generosity that distinguishes us for the initiative that temporarily moves some departments to Monfalcone to make room for the emergencies of the pandemic. Others, while approving, do not hide a certain concern for a situation that - as our administrators assure us - after the emergency will have to return to the one before.

We try to frame the speech in a wider scenario: the coronavirus has forever changed not only Italian but the world-wide conception of public health and health care in the broadest sense. The tendency to downsize the sector, which is fundamental for people's very lives, to reduce the number of beds, to try to save at all costs, will be defeated by this tragedy. We wonder, therefore, without any vis à vis controversy, what will be the structure of regional health care - and not only Italian - after this apocalypse that at least in these proportions no one could have foreseen. it would be interesting to start a wide reflection on the subject.


Photo taken from Antonella Cortese's FB page