The Gorizia Fund, which is so called also because of its economic impact on the whole Province of Gorizia, has in 2018, according to data, guaranteed funding in the amount of over 7 million euros. These funds, with disbursements in favour of private and public institutions, are aimed at enhancing the value of the territory of Gorizia, with subsidies and funding to companies and institutions that reside within the (former) Province of Gorizia. We point out ex-Province, because, de-jure, no longer exists. However, when we go to analyze measures and actions aimed at the development of the territory, we always come across the speech of the Province of Gorizia, we almost never talk about Gorizia or Monfalcone separately. Practically, it exists in all its aspects, except in an institutional way, a paradox that is unjust for us.

Precisely from this point of view, we cannot understand why it is no longer considered in such a way, since one is always good at dealing with speeches of joint economic development, when one needs to apply for funding (provincial), but one is deaf, or does not want to hear, when, instead, it is necessary to promote a concrete discourse of Provincial Governance that can go beyond the mere governance of the Fund or other things. In our opinion, this fund has every chance of becoming the spearhead, a very powerful weapon of development, but one that must be seen within a provincial management of broad sense. We hope that this hypothetical Province can once again become a concrete governance body, which can also include the Fund. In this case Gorizia, being the largest municipality and probably also the largest taxpayer, must return to being the provincial leader city, and with its history and its economic and cultural heritage, also a city that is the fulcrum of a development project in a regional and extranational sense. The Gorizia Fund was supposed to bring homogenous growth throughout the entire former provincial territory: but we read too often about Gorizia as a "Sleeping Beauty", where people live well but are wasted for internal quarrels between opposing factions, many opportunities for development, opportunities that could have given a future even to the younger generations who strongly wish to continue to reside in Gorizia.

We learn, however, with renewed happiness, that the Junta, finally takes into account the potential that the Province of Gorizia holds, as the total increases from 7 to over 10 million Euros in 2019. A truly encouraging fact, which makes us find some hope for a concrete development. Of course, companies must also understand this, since the financing is aimed at the development of the productive/entrepreneurial fabric and we hope it is not a non-repayable financing in the sense that it goes to finance self-referential realities with no future. In any case, according to the data mentioned above, this fear should be averted. Furthermore, it must also be said that the citizenship of Gorizia, which has always been a less combative citizenship than the others, must understand its potential, trying to turn it into something positive for the city itself.

We under-30s generations are really eager to see a strong and sustainable development, which can bring employment and future to our beloved Gorizia. This group considers itself a group of young people strictly Gorizia and strongly wants to continue to be so, trying to build something important for the city and for all those who live there. We are confident in a better future, I hope you can be too.

Martin Novak