We report on our Facebook page a statement posted on Facebook by the President of the Gorizia section of the FIDAS Isontina Patrizia Zampi voluntary blood donor association.

"I don't go into the medical/technical aspects because I'm not a doctor, I'm not a technician and, even less, I'm not a politician... everyone has his role. But as some politicians feel entitled to express their opinion, so do I as president of the Gorizia section of the voluntary blood donor association FIDAS Isontina. The Transfusion Centre of Gorizia is operating and will continue to operate in compliance with the safety protocols foreseen for COVID-19, to protect all donors and staff on duty. Any instrumentalisation of the situation is unacceptable and inappropriate. Patrizia Zampi"

Zampi herself reports the statement of FIDAS Isontina:

"Donating blood is safe, especially these days! In order to prevent the spread of COViD-19, all transfusion centres in the region, in close coordination with voluntary donation associations, have taken all appropriate actions. Among these, the main one is the reservation of the donation, to ensure a continuous and orderly flow of donors to the transfusion centres. Thanks to the generosity of all donors, we are guaranteeing stocks of blood components for patients in our hospitals. Donating blood is safe!"

Luca Michelutti - Gorizia3.0