If anyone understands what's going on around the Duca d'Aosta airport, tell us, write to us, phone us, fax us, churn out a communiqué. If someone is aware of the project voted by the town council of Gorizia that provides for the rehabilitation of an area prey to rats, tell us: we would also be happy to publish it. 

The history of the airport, from which airliners once departed, is emblematic of the situation in Gorizia as a whole. It's more than 20 years that thanks mainly to the left, the hypothesis of the realization of the Guardia di Finanza School in Gorizia was rejected with a cosmic harakiri: 108 billion liras not only to build the school structure with annexed sports fields and swimming pools (which would have been open to all the people of Gorizia), 1300 people on a permanent plan but above all the total renovation of the airport area, which would have been equipped with a runway suitable for tourist flights and not only. The left together with acronyms born for the greedy occasion, supported by the media and unfortunately by the Northern League (Lega Nord) - at that time defined by D'Alema as "rib of the left" - won the match. The School was not made and as a small gift - Illy governing - an Airport SPA was set up that at first hypothesized a budget with 100 million (lire) of annual expenses to be distributed largely to members of the Board of Directors and 100 million to be obtained from mowing the grass: a wasteful project. After years and years of inflated announcements, as often heard in Gorizia, where for the countless issues never solved they expect benefactors ready to throw - who knows why - billions on the city. 

The reality is that they don't count any more, and the other day it was the turn of Turin Aviation, whose project nobody understood anything except the fact that some days the top management of the company blasted at the Mayor. Pipistrel, also financed by the CCIAA of Trieste-Gorizia (Chamber of Commerce of Trieste and Gorizia), announced in 2017: 200 employees by 2019. Well... Santa Claus is warming up the reindeer...


In the photo the Duke of Aosta