Since we think that Gorizia should not only contemplate the navel but also take an interest in what happens in the neighbouring municipalities. Those to whom it is linked by history with a capital S, we give all our support to Emanuele Zorino, the new mayor of Aquileia (a city we love and to which we also dedicated a meeting a few months ago) who has appropriately left UTI with the majority votes of centre-right. Let's remember that the UTI are the ill-functioning institutional reform that allowed the regional council led by Serracchiani to destroy our Province and to take away the management of the Provincial Museums in Gorizia and pass it on to Erpac, a useless body also close to closure. Immediate the reactions of the left and of the Pd of the Bassa Friulana in particular, which allow themselves to accuse Zorino of "political servility", after having approved, as in Gorizia, any kind of "cantata" imposed by Debora Serracchiani. Aquileia has an extraordinary tourist-cultural potential, which must be developed in a regional and international key and certainly not with institutional rearrangements as those that led to the Uti. Among other things, and this is not secondary, Gorizia could talk and collaborate concretely with this city that historically and archaeologically has no equal in Europe, finally trying to push the Archiepiscopal Curia to take out of some bank vault the homonymous Treasure that the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria donated to the people of Gorizia in the 18th century. There is a museum ready for this, in Gorizia. Possible synergies.

Rossella Dosso - Gorizia3.0

In the photo, the mayor of Aquileia Emanuele Zorino