It must be a mistake, we thought: Gorizia, the city that invented the Doc Collio, which has been home to it for many years, in whose territory falls Oslavia where fortunately good winemakers thrive is not on the list of nine municipalities of the so-called "Patto del Collio" that brings together Cormons, Dolegna, Capriva, San Floriano, Medea, Mossa, Moraro, San Lorenzo and Mariano in the perspective of the development of services, of course, but aiming at an increasing synergy of countries and cities that have in common world food and wine excellence and the candidacy for UNESCO World Heritage with the Brda. 

Gorizia does not exist and it is very serious that it renounces an opportunity that is offered to it especially because of the restoration of the Province of which it should be the capital. Is the pact about communities that are too small? The above-mentioned municipalities don't want her in the way? Or is it because of the services that Gorizia has in abundance and perhaps does not want to share with others? But renouncing to enter the Pact for the Collio only shows its senseless indifference in a sector that today is leading in the field of tourism and that only with a strong collaboration with the neighbouring territory could bring income and employment development. Rosa di Gorizia, Ribolla Gialla di Oslavia, Mercato Coperto: these are treasures that Gorizia must develop, together with the territory of which by the will of the FVG Region will return to be the capital. The mayor of Cormons Felcaro and the regional councillor Bernardis left the doors open for the various participations. The Mayor of Gradisca d'Isonzo Tomasinsig has already knocked on the door of the Collio. We are waiting for Gorizia with its magnificent Oslavia.