Beatrice di Baviera (1344-1359)


Beatrice of Bavaria, Countess of Gorizia, was widowed in 1323, at the death of the Count of Gorizia Henry II. The heir of the county, John Henry, was a child of a few months. While the guardianship of the little count was entrusted to his father's cousin, Duke Henry of Carinthia, who was mainly responsible for the external relations of the county, the internal administration was managed by Countess Beatrice. As regent of the county, the countess was also administrator of Friuli and captain general of Friuli, the latter rarely covered by a woman. Beatrice was still named in the documents with the title of "Countess widow of Gorizia" until 1359, more than twenty years after her son had died at a young age and the county had passed to her cousins.