Best confectionery product Best of Alpe Adria: it gives us great pleasure to point out this award that enhances our territory: the exquisite Gubana of Cormons produced by the Brandolin family exquisite cross between that of Gorizia and that of Cividale. Congratulations from Gorizia3.0Territorio, exclusivity, trends, cuisine, wines and products relaunch a unique macro-region composed of 4 nations, formed by the centuries-old intertwining of cultures between Venice, the Italian peninsula, the Balkans and Central Europe. The Magnar Ben BEST GOURMET Guide is "the thermometer" of the energy that releases this land among water, plains, hills and mountains in its truest expression: the culture of eating, of the table, of agriculture in a context of extraordinary geographical and historical beauty. The influences here over the centuries have been felt, intertwined from the Balkans to Venice, from Italic Mediterranean cuisine to Central Europe, between the countryside, the sea and the mountains: few other European areas can boast this historical and cultural background. A guide that has now become a cult (even for restaurateurs themselves) for drinking and eating in the North East of Italy and the cross-border countries of Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, with clear ratings and indications on quality, shopping, menu, wine list in restaurants visited.

Best confectionery product Best of Alpe Adria 2020 Handmade Gubana and San Zuan Elisir di NoceThe ancient recipe - Cormons (GO)


In the photo: Giacomo Brandolin & family