Under the festivities also Gorizia gets a kick out of it. In the centre, you can breathe that typical Christmas atmosphere. In search of gifts to put under the tree, people walk through the streets illuminated by the phantasmagorical lights of the carousels of Sant'Andrea, which - at least those - have not given any problems. And thank goodness. At least in this period, the city is livening up. 

Walking along Via Roma, for those who don't know the one where the regional palace is located, the eye is attracted by a "black hole". Which materializes in the Auditorium of Friulian Culture. For several years this structure, which in the past has hosted debates, prestigious meetings, concerts, music essays (of the glorious and now extinct - we say it with deep regret - School of Music) is closed. Closed like that beautiful Dora Bassi hall where many associations dedicated to art, in addition to the municipality itself, could make important exhibitions. It is right to remember in this regard that nowadays exhibitions are like whiteflies: rare. It would almost seem that Gorizia has forgotten that it is a city that has expressed many artists whose fame has crossed national borders. 

And it is precisely among these painters that some pleasantly recall, but not without a vein of nostalgia, the past exhibitions in Gorizia. Gorizia once had the prestigious Dora Bassi gallery, located in the Auditorium and hosting important temporary exhibitions. Once upon a time the paintings of Gorizia's painters - as evidence of how painting art was popular - were also exhibited in bars, for example in the café Teatro, which was the meeting place of Gorizia's artists. Today there are very few places for the exhibition of paintings. To tell the truth, practically zero. There is only one public gallery for temporary exhibitions, passed from the Province to the Municipality: a place without appeal, which has little to do with the elegance of the Auditorium. And it is a pity that this structure is "frequented" - unlike in the past - by cobwebs and dust, rather than by music, painting, culture and many arts and culture lovers. The question goes without saying: we know that the Auditorium was closed because of money issues: the Municipality paid the use to a Region that was too exasperated. Ok: but can you re-contract it all, is the regional administration a friend or not? We also know that the similar regional spaces in Udine and Pordenone are sold in use to the municipalities at absolutely affordable prices. Why is it not reopened then perhaps with a music program at the level of capital, even since the structure was famous for its perfect acoustics? We await answers: abstain no if pol.

We report below, taken from the daily TABLET blog, a speech about the auditorium of the current mayor of Gorizia Rodolfo Ziberna. It is from 2015.