Open letter to the mayors of the municipalities of the former province of Gorizia*.

 Dear first citizens, this letter is in the intentions of the signatories, young people who care about the rights to autonomy and self-determination of the Isonzo, an urgent appeal in favour of the maintenance of essential institutional prerogatives. Soon the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia will return to the institutional arrangements of our region and the long-standing problem of the Province of Gorizia will arise again: should it be maintained with the same political, economic, social and cultural dignity as the provinces of Pordenone, Trieste and Udine, or should it be further punished after the slimming treatment suffered in recent years in its structures and institutions? In a meeting held in Cormons last year, called by the mayor Roberto Felcaro, you reaffirmed the will to keep the Isontino together and we are grateful for it; then there was a motion from Gorizia, approved by other city councils, but little was discussed: ignored or almost ignored in Udine, Trieste, Pordenone. Today the commitment must become urgent so that some political forces, unfavourable to the reconstitution of the province of Gorizia, cannot prevail. But we are not only asking you to make explicit this political will, which will allow the citizens who elected you to decide their future without depending on the economic-political lobbies of Trieste or Udine. Your choral and strong voice must also rise to stop the structural and institutional landslide, of a political (and bipartisan) nature that has hit our lands. We know the difficulties of this choice. We know the ambitions of Monfalcone to rebalance the powers of the historic capital, Gorizia. Complaints often justified by a shipbuilding and industrial sector that increases decisively the provincial (and regional) GDP. We believe, however, that in the case of the disappearance of the Province of Gorizia the fate of the city of the Shipyards would be to fall inexorably into the orbit of Trieste, with a dry loss of its decision-making autonomy. These are topics to be discussed: but we would like them to be decided in the light of day by involving the citizen-electors with public debates, and not in restricted meetings in secret rooms. We ask you, beyond the political positions (whether you are centre-right, left-right, civic lists) to anticipate rash decisions that could negatively mark the future of our territory and therefore to organize a public meeting, in the places that you consider most appropriate to unanimously ask the Region for the restoration of the Province of Gorizia, the founding and balancing element of our Autonomous Region. One more thing: we have sent the letter, for information, also to the municipalities of the Cervignanese territory, which have very strong historical relations with Gorizia; with Monfalcone close economic synergies. It would be nice if in a slightly broader vision of the future, with that constructive political-social fantasy that was the founding fathers of the FVG, constructive relations with that territory were intertwined, remembering that synergistic projects between Grado and Aquileia are already being implemented.

Gorizia3.0 - Kevin Cucit, Rossella Dosso, Martin Novak, Luca Michelutti.

*This post, in the form of an email has been sent to the mayors of these municipalities: Capriva del Friuli, Daniele SergonCormons, Roberto FelcaroDoberdò del Lago, Fabio VizintinDolegna del Collio, Carlo ComisFarra d'Isonzo, Stefano TurchettoFogliano Redipuglia, Cristiana PisanoGorizia, Rodolfo ZibernaGradisca d'Isonzo, Linda TomasinsigGrado, Dario RaugnaMariano del Friuli, Luca SartoriMedea, Igor GodeasMonfalcone, Anna Maria CisintMoraro, Umberto ColomboMossa, Emanuela RussianRomans d'Isonzo, Davide FurlanRonchi dei Legionari, Livio VecchietSagrado, Marco VittoriSan Canzian d'Isonzo, Claudio FrattaSan Floriano del Collio, Franca PadovanSan Lorenzo Isontino, Ezio ClocchiattiSan Pier d'Isonzo, Riccardo ZandomeniSavogna d'Isonzo, Luca PiskStaranzano, Riccardo MarchesanTurriaco, Enrico BullianVillesse, Claudio DeffendiE to these mayors in the province of UdineAiello del Friuli Andrea BellaviteAquileia, Emanuele ZorinoCampolongo Tapogliano, Cristina MasuttoCervignano del Friuli, Gianluigi SavinoChiopris-Viscone, Raffaella PerusinFiumicello Villa Vicentina Ennio ScridelRuda, Franco LenarduzziTerzo di Aquileia, Giosualdo Quaini Visco, Elena Cecotti