Word on the street? Among the corridors of the Municipality of Gorizia it seems that the decision has been taken to "dislocate", and therefore, let us say, to disperse in various rooms the magnificent exhibition of musical instruments that for now, but only for now, is located at the Castle of Gorizia, of which it now represents an identity value. Theatrum Instrumentorum, this is the name of the exhibition created by the late Paolo Cecere and the medieval music group Dramsam and the academy Jaufré Rudel, Mayor Romoli and Councillor for Culture Devetag.

The hall of the Provincial States hosts the reproduction of about 120 medieval and renaissance instruments. These are philological and perfectly functioning reproductions. The exhibition has had an exceptional success over the years: it has been visited by many school groups from all over Italy and even from abroad, it has been a strong point for the attractiveness of our Castle. Surely those who have seen it know very well what it feels like to enter this room and stop to observe the smallest details of these wonderful instruments, in a space full of history that frees the imagination with the reproduction of "antique" music in the background, the medieval one.


(below is a link about Medieval Music and the "Theatrum Instromentorum") 

Medieval Music

If you haven't seen it yet, we recommend you do it soon. It is one of the most recent treasures of Gorizia, born from the study and passion of artists, connoisseurs, musicologists. We think it's silly, to say the least to dismantle it all, even if to make room for an exhibition on Massimiliano. Assuming that the voices are real, someone wants to answer us, to deny or confirm these voices and eventually tell us what will happen to those instruments and why do you want to take them away from where they are?

What "ratio" is there in all this? But then, a further problem would arise: the iPads that allow you to take a virtual journey in the castle, what will happen to them? How much will it cost to modify the programs to put what in them? Everything is a great mystery, nothing strange, after all, we are in Gorizia.

P.s. If the rumours don't lie we'll know when someone will answer us, anyway accept a suggestion: go before you can see the music museum because there could be only some videos left on this site that will make you wonder why it has been "moved". One of which we publish here, borrowed from the FB culturafvg page, supported by the music of the unbeatable Dramsam players. The piece was recorded (voices of Paolo Cecere and Alessandra Cozzi) right in the rooms of Gorizia Castle.

Rossella Dosso - Gorizia3.0