Cicuta Paolo (1871 - 1964)


A prominent personality of Lucinico was Paolo Cicuta, born on October 13, 1871, agronomist and municipal secretary of Lucinico, a passionate lover of local history and engaged in politics in the ranks of irredentists - a commitment that must have cost him judicial trouble, arrest and, in 1915, internment in Katzenau and sent a year later to the Russian front as an "interned soldier", but also the honor of being elected, in 1921, the first Italian mayor of Lucinico. Later he moved with his family to Lecco, where he died on May 2, 1964. A member of the pro-Litalian liberal party, Paolo Cicuta was one of the founders of the National League of Lucinico, of the society "Bonifizio agrario", of the fire brigade of Lucinico and of the "Società politica friulana" of Gorizia, and was the promoter of the foundation of the "Gabinetto di lettura" of Lucinico, as well as its first president. On 8 March 1896 Lucinico lived an important moment of his social and cultural life with the formal constitution of the "Reading Cabinet", a society already active in Gorizia since 1873 and which operated under the name of "Circolo di lettura e della musica" until a few decades ago. The "Reading Cabinet" organized various cultural events, put a library at the members' disposal, and realized theatre performances and concerts, as well as parties and dances. Already in the autumn of 1895, Paolo Cicuta, then twenty-four years old, together with a group of founding members, had laid the foundations of the association, which was to "promote Italian culture in our country and favour its social life", but the statute had not been approved by the Austrian authorities, and it was therefore necessary to amend it with the deletion of some articles. It was an association with declared intentions to promote the Italian language and tradition ("the preservation of our national character and the cultivation of the Italian idiom" were the words used by Cicuta in his inaugural speech, interrupted, as reported in the chronicle of the "Corriere di Gorizia", by "frantic applause"). Among the guests of honour at the ceremony were the Podesta of Lucinico Francesco Zottig, the Podesta of Gorizia Giorgio Bombig and the journalist Carolina Luzzatto. One of the first results achieved by the newly established company was the naming of a series of streets, for which the municipal administration adopted the proposals of the Cabinet of Reading. Today also the name of Paolo Cicuta has become part of the toponymy of Basilicata, recalling a fellow-citizen who had dedicated himself unreservedly to his community.