Happy that our reports do not fall into the void, we take note - the journalist Francesco Fain tells us in Il Piccolo - that there was a meeting at the Conference Center. 

We acknowledge that the meeting also was of high level, with the participation of the Region, the Municipality, the Chamber of Commerce of Venezia Giulia and the Universities that have offices in Gorizia. Very good. We would like to point out that the Conference Center is that mysterious but very valuable structure, hyper-technological because it is equipped with all the equipment suitable for high level conferences, built by the Chamber of Commerce of Gorizia to support the international role of Gorizia. This semicircular auditorium, a sort of colosseum on an isontine scale, was built on the grounds of the former archiepiscopal seminary in Via Alviano spending millions of euros. As we remember, Il Piccolo was presented by giving breath to the trumpets at great expense of illustrative brochures: the Conference was supposed to change the fate not only of Gorizia, but of the whole world, hosting meetings to resolve the most thorny issues that upset humanity. An emphasis that often preludes to bitter disappointments in Gorizia: in fact Putin or Bush, Erdogan or Merkel at the Conference, not even a shadow: a few meetings at the beginning, then it's enough. It's over. Forgotten for 16 or 17 years, like many other things in Gorizia, the international role of Gorizia is based on the initiative of the European City of Culture 2025, from which we could start to enhance the Conference Center, along with other initiatives such as Gect himself. But the building, on the other hand, to hear the sentence coming out of the meeting will be "reused" as a container for university classrooms. In Italian it should say that the function for which the Conference was born is no longer valid and that - in the manner of" if my grandmother had wheels ..."- it would have been necessary to better use the millions of euros spent on its construction. Maybe putting back in place and tidying up the very badly damaged buildings - right or wrong? - second and third floor of the University of Via Alviano and obtaining new classrooms, since for the great increase in enrolments there seems to be a need. But this seems to be something that the CCIAA (Chamber of Commerce) is already thinking about. And wouldn't it be the case to give back to the Conference Center the function for which it was built, to enhance the international role of Gorizia with high-level meetings? We are therefore waiting for further meetings.