No wind is good for the sailor who doesn't know where to go, Seneca said. How to say: where on earth do we want to go if we don't set ourselves targets? 

Gorizia, unfortunately, after the candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2025 in tow of Nova Gorica, does not set itself any goals, content itself with livening up, floating, without being able to give impetus to its many vocations, which are primarily those that for history, culture, the geographical location should legitimize a relevant international role. For which, among other things, the Conference Centre of the University Pole in Via Alviano was born almost twenty years ago and which appears instead, like the Fortress of the Desert of the Tartars, emptied of any practical meaning so that many people even ignore its existence. Conference Center that, we learn, as a result of the not exactly international summit, but the one "domači" that took place in recent days between the Municipality, Chamber of Commerce, Region and University Poles of Trieste and Udine should lead, using a term that seems to imply a revolutionary and almost ennobling transformation, to a reconversion. That it will "elevate" it to an aberrant use - let us be allowed to say - aberrant: in its place, classrooms will be ingloriously obtained. Bread to the bread and wine to the wine: we believe that the "non-indigenous" entities may have given birth to this decision, given the interest-only indirect and frankly scarce compared to the fate of our city. The fact that the City Council is extending its arms and conforming to it is disturbing, however, because this determination is not only the tombstone on the destination of a structure of extraordinary functionality, but it represents indeed and not only symbolically the de Profundis to the role, in a European and transnational key, which Gorizia itself cannot and must not give up.

Rossella Dosso - Gorizia3.0