Like all normal people, we don't like to be taken for granted. The Conference Center was built by the CCIAA to the tune of millions to better support the international vocation of Gorizia and was placed in the university building in Via Alviano for the reason that the former Seminary of Gorizia hosts the Faculty of International and Diplomatic Sciences. 

We don't know what they talked about in the high-level meeting of a few days ago Cciaa Venezia Giulia Region, Municipality, University of Trieste and Udine: but the mountain gave birth to the mouse, as always happens in Gorizia. It was decided a hypothetical transformation of the Conference into "classrooms" while ruling that there will be an increase in international initiatives (which?), that is, having the "botte piena e moglie ubriaca" in English ("you cannot eat your cake and keep it"). We believe that the structure is owned by those who built it, that is, the CCIAA today of Venezia Giulia, which has thrown it to the University of Trieste. 

Conclusion, like many catafalques in Gorizia, this was abandoned in the hope that no one would remember it. In the meantime, it seems that the CCIAA has put on the balance sheet the necessary items to restore the upper floors of the building of the former seminary, which was bought with public money by the Archiepiscopal Curia to make Gorizia's dream of hosting university faculties come true. Very well, we believe that it would be even now, as we can admire in this video that we take from the FB Goriziagorizia page showing the state in which they were left in the spring of 2019.