Bread with bread and wine with wine: it does not seem to us that so far the University Consortium of Gorizia has produced great results. 

Created to coordinate the courses of the universities of Udine and Trieste, its function would have been to make our city a real university citadel, which was the great challenge of the 80s and the mayor Scarano for the economy of the territory. For this idea on the regional universities in Gorizia, millions of public euros were spent to buy the former seminary from the Archiepiscopal Curia and to put Palazzo Alvarez and the Santa Chiara complex in place; a megastructure was built, the Conference Center, which could still be a pivotal point for the international revival of the city but which is instead one of the many catafalques that clutter Gorizia; the Chamber of Commerce disburses over 300,000 euros every year to encourage settlements that in times of crisis like these could also decide to return to Udine or Trieste. We think, however, that before closing it down, it would be appropriate to think of a relaunch, with a change of management that begins to turn dreams into reality, increasing all those activities that serve to retain the student population in the city of Gorizia, promoting synergies between the various institutions. But is there anyone - or an institution - able to do this?

F.C. - Gorizia3.0