We host a speech by Antonio Devetag on the issue of Treasure of AquileiaInteresting the post published on this page. Referring to the Treasure of the Cathedral and the possible enjoyment of these wonders to the people of Gorizia, the faithful and tourists said Archbishop Father Bommarco "...their exhibition is an important moment of cultural recovery and historical restitution of a conspicuous artistic and documentary heritage". This is how I speak Bommarco, approving the project of the Treasure Museum of the Cathedral of Gorizia in Santa Chiara, for the realization of which the committee for the Jubilee gave 5 billion lire to Gorizia. The autograph document reports the thought of an Archbishop heir of the Patriarchate of Aquileia, whose intentions, whose projects, were disregarded. It is published below. I report it to complete the sharable post of Gorizia3.0, in which the question is not so much because you do not adhere to the regional calls but because Gorizia is not able to express its full potential. That is, how can the institutions of Gorizia manage to make a litter of their treasures, without even trying to make synergy. 2020 will be the year of the Patriarchate and Gorizia would have had an artistic treasure of European importance. Is it possible that at least one exhibition could not be held so that the people of Gorizia can realize what a rich heritage the city has? Gorizia3.0, with the enthusiasm of youth, seeks answers. That they will not come, because to answer would be to reveal the serious inefficiency of the city and its institutions. 

Antonio Devetag