Cossar Ranieri Mario (1884 - 1963)


Ranieri Mario Cossar was born in Gorizia on 16 October 1884.

It is not easy to define him: scholar, writer, historiographer, ethnographer, art lover? Certainly he was all this, and more: a man of culture in the broadest sense of the term, a passionate researcher and documentator of local life in all its aspects. Cossar began to publish at a very young age, just eighteen, and from that moment on he alternated periods of study and research (especially in the folkloristic and historical field) with others of activities of preservation and conservation of the artistic and museum heritage. In fact, in different periods, he was responsible for the preparation of the museums of Koper, Porec and Gorizia, the reorganization of the library in Porec, the reconstruction and restoration of the castle of Gorizia. First teacher, then director of the Museum of Redemption and the Museum of History and Art of Gorizia, and finally engaged in the Superintendence of Monuments, Galleries and Antiquities of Trieste, he always found time for study and contributed to the knowledge of episodes and moments of history, culture, art, folk tradition and daily life of Gorizia and its province. 

Many of Cossar's writings appeared in magazines and newspapers: he was in fact a contributor to more than fifty newspapers, including "Archeografo triestino", "Porta orientale", "Studi goriziani" and "Il Piccolo". Among his most wide-ranging works we should mention at least the History of Art and Craftsmanship in Gorizia, published in 1948 by the Municipality of Gorizia, still today an irreplaceable work tool. Very well known is his collection of memories of Gorizia, memories of time gone by arranged according to the succession of seasons, which is Gorizia of other times, which was followed by the equally successful sylloge Cara vecchia Gorizia edited by Sergio Tavano, which collects in volume various essays appeared in magazines and newspapers. There was not a field of history and local tradition in which Cossar did not belong: he was the author of almost nine hundred writings. He was also a poetic interpreter of the Gorizia soul in his collections of legends and storiutis of Gorizia. "Serious mourning in the cultural world of Gorizia": this is how "Il Piccolo" was titled, giving news of his death, which occurred in Trieste on December 4, 1963. Gorizia remembered his name by naming the State Professional Institute for Commerce after him. Via Cossar, on the other hand, unites him with his brother Giovanni, founder and first director of the Provincial Museums, and bears the name "Cossar Brothers".