We would not take any position on our part, of course, but we feel we have to inform the citizens of the future province of Gorizia of what is happening in our hospital in the capital. So we are reporting this communiqué. To the readers the judgment.

"Regarding what has been published in the social media about the possible use of the hospital San Giovanni di Dio as "COVID hospital", the Management of Asugi specifies:

to deal with the worldwide emergency, some organizational changes are underway that are essential to ensure the COVID-19 emergency and in the meantime guarantee the activities of the hospital itself.

At the San Giovanni di Dio, therefore, the Cardiology beds have been converted into COVID-equipped places. In this way, we assure 16 places in Gorizia.

The cardiology medical guard remains active and we are evaluating the possibility of an admission for acute cardiology divers with monitoring in the current Cardio-nephrology on the third floor, which will be equipped with 6 beds.

To guarantee the containment of the infection, there are separate routes for COVID patients and other patients.

It should be remembered that the coordination, and therefore the decisions for the occupation of the 16 beds in Gorizia, is pertinent to the regional planning also following the saturation of the Trieste and Udine beds and without distinction. Finally, both surgical and cardiological emergencies are temporarily diverted to the hospital in Monfalcone".