De Claricini Alessandro (1811 - 1880)


Born in Versa on February 27, 1811, Alessandro de Claricini was a district judge and court advisor. City Councillor of Gorizia since 1851. In 1861, together with Giuseppe Floriano Formentini, Giovanni Luchesig and Giuseppe Budau, he set up the Patriotic Committee which proposes a list of candidates for the elections to the new town council. After having been the head of the "patriotic party" of Gorizia he detached from it declaring himself independent, and was elected podestà in 1869 beating the candidature of the lawyer Luigi Pajer. His opponent did not resign himself to defeat and opposed in every way the work of the new podestà, presenting the authorities with a popular petition that caused the dissolution of the town council and the resignation of the podestà. 

At that time de Claricini wrote and published a report on the activities carried out in his mandate, entitled Gorizia in its institutions and in its municipal company during the three years 1869-1871. The work, which the author wanted to define as "Memory of the podestà Alessandro de Claricini to his fellow citizens", goes well beyond the mere administrative relationship: it covers the whole life of the town, giving us a picture of Gorizia as a whole, including the political events of the municipality in the period before the settlement of Claricini. Alessandro de Claricini, who defined himself as "Italian, very attached to Austria", and was far from any form of extremism, well disposed to understand the reasons of those who did not think like him, even if the political events in which he found himself involved made the position of podestà very burdensome and unsatisfactory, he was also president of the Agricultural Society from 1861 to 1869, president of the Silkworm Society and president of the Institute of the deaf-mute.Alessandro de Claricini died in Gorizia on August 12, 1880.