Doliac Carlo (1805-1898)


Born in Gorizia on 26 March 1805, the lawyer Carlo Doliac was the first "constitutional" podestà of Gorizia, elected after the concession of the constitution of 1848 and not of imperial appointment, succeeding Antonio Bujatti in the office. Elected in March 1851, he was very active in the first three years of his mandate, but later, also because of the suspension of constitutional freedoms and therefore the postponement of the local elections, his commitment decreased and the council meetings were thinned out, contributing to his unpopularity among the citizens. During his administration the new slaughterhouse and the new fish market were built, the aqueduct was enlarged and the Civic Institute of Abandoned Children was established. An exponent of the Catholic laity and representative of the clerical party, Carlo Doliac was the founder and first president of the Catholic Circle of Gorizia in 1871, and the inspirer and supporter of the pro-government Catholic newspaper "Il Goriziano", which also began publishing in 1871 and later took the name of "Echo of the Coast". Defined contemptuously by his political opponents as "the nonzolo" and "clerical of prima fuarza" for his positions in favour of the rights of the Church in controversy with the liberal exponents of the city, Doliac was awarded the noble preaching of the Cyprians and continued his political activity as a deputy Provincial Diet deputy for various mandates and deputy District Captain. He died on July 22, 1898.