Gorizia Anno Domini 2019: a dead city, a city with little life. 

Why? Let's analyze the situation. Gorizia, the "Austrian Nice" is a unique city, rich in history, culture and life that for too long seems dull, "dead". In the eyes of many people: just ask the people of Udine, Trieste and Monfalcone. Whose cause is it? The Gorizians themselves? Probably. We wonder how it is possible that in a city like Gorizia, which should be - as in the past - full of vitality, on weekends, above all, tends to turn off the switch. Click. And so the tourist, we refer in particular to Sunday, looks bewildered wandering among the beauties of the city in search of a nice restaurant where lunch or dinner possibly enjoying our rich gastronomy but ...look, the restaurants are closed. Some are completely closed, while others - except for two or three - are open only for lunch; let's not even talk about shops. 

But then what do we do? You go to Slovenia or the surrounding area. And that's a shame! Instead of staying in town and taking a walk through shops, bookshops, museums, people go to Slovenia on Sundays. Živjo. Without taking anything away from your friends from across the border, wouldn't it be more profitable if tourists, visitors, but the people from Gorizia themselves, went around the narrow streets of Gorizia?! Moreover, young people wonder why they have to come home at 10 pm. Or why they have to take the car to move from Gorizia, considering that here the "good life" ends at ten o'clock in the evening, so much so that also the events - let's call them that...- are set at these times. Stop. "Music quits, friends leave..." ...and even bars close. 

No wonder then if there are few young people in the city, and those few who are there go elsewhere. At the moment, we just have to appeal to all the people of Gorizia to understand that the city has to come back to life. Current prognosis: it can be said apertis verbis that at the moment the encephalogram is almost flat, but with the desirable contribution of all stakeholders such as institutions, commercial operators and citizens themselves we are confident in its recovery. That is possible. We must love this city because it has given us so much in terms of history, culture and identity: now it is up to us to restore its vitality. Let us wake up!

Rossella Dosso - Gorizia3.0