The Provinces are back, and also that of Gorizia that someone wanted to sink for eternity: a wicked reform of the Serracchiani had cancelled them to replace them with what turned out to be great nonsense: that represented by the UTI. Which, like its advocate, will not be an object of regret. By no one. That was the appeal we had made since the birth of this blog and that the Regional Councillor Diego Bernardis, but also the mayors of our territory, with various degrees of sharing, have from the very first moment collected and promoted. Provinces, therefore, whose resurrection also finds contrary opinions: more seats - more "magnadoria" ("waste of public resources"). We believe, instead, that the Provinces constitute an essential element of the institutional architecture, taking shape as an intermediate body between the Region, which must have a purely legislative function, and the Municipalities that provide services in favour of the citizens. There is, however, an area where administrative functions cannot be exercised by individual municipalities, such as public transport, which must be coordinated at the level of a vast area and based on the real needs of the citizens of Isonzo. On this subject, the writer, together with the town councillor Luca Michelutti, has produced an interpellation* which will be discussed today in the Capriva d'Isonzo town council. This and many other issues making the presence of a body (the Province, precisely) that represents the general interests of its territorial community, coordinating its management action, indispensable.

Rossella Dosso - Gorizia3.0

*To Mr Mayor of the Municipality of Capriva del Friuli. Assessed the recent judgment of the Council of State which rejected the appeal of Busitalia, Società delle Ferrovie dello Stato, confirming the legitimacy of the decision of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region to assign the management of regional public transport to TplFvgScarl: the Consortium formed by Trieste Trasporti, Apt Gorizia, Saf Udine and Atap Pordenone; Considered how this determination allows, inter alia: an organisational review aimed at improving the quality of public transport for the benefit of users throughout the region, financial savings useful for the modernisation of the fleet of vehicles, as well as an increase in mileage in the performance of transport services; Considered also the willingness of the Regional Councillor responsible to initiate a phase of discussion with local authorities to share in operational terms the definition of new services according to the needs of local authorities themselves; the undersigned municipal councillors


the S.V. for the Municipality of Capriva del Friuli to take an active part to define - with the municipalities of San Lorenzo Isontino, Mossa, Moraro and Farra d'Isonzo - a proposal that transforming the service from extra-urban to urban, could allow the continuous availability of Apt vehicles at a reasonably frequent hourly rate, between Gorizia, Cormons and Gradisca d'Isonzo; The implementation of the proposal itself would allow an essential service to be offered not only to users in Capri (given the unavailability of access to rail transport) but also to those in the whole of Right Isonzo, who would benefit from a service that would reconcile the need to increase mobility through the more frequent use of public transport with the need to limit damage to the environment.

Rossella Dosso, Luca Michelutti