"And for heaven's sake, a roof of stars" is a good '60s movie. But we're not offering you a night in the sun. Of course not. What we are thinking about is rather an after-dinner in Piazza Vittoria, "in the reassuring shade" of a beautiful starry sky. A square, cosy bars, charming historic buildings: a perfect setting to fill to give a touch of life to Gorizia. Nothing much. Something rather trivial. A set of chairs and a giant screen that cuts - with its light - the square filled with people and colours. One of the simplest, but beautiful things that can be done in the city. In launching the idea we receive a post by Giuseppe Longo, director of Trasmedia, with the photo (which we dare to "steal") of a square full of people in front of an open-air screen. An image of hope for Gorizia. It is proposed as a small dream (and cinema is also this), which can - and we say must - become reality. An initiative of this kind, in addition to making cinematography known - the Italian one, but not only - would fill a place not fully lived: of magic, serenity and fun. The evenings of the people of Gorizia could be revived, thanks to the synergy between the always active Amidei Association, the Kinemax, the Dams and the Municipality. People would start to leave home, because, as El Perich said: "cinema helps to dream, television to sleep". And dreaming outdoors is even more beautiful. You would meet in the evening to talk about this and that, to socialize, to have fun, thanks to the setting up of a parterre of chairs and a screen. Without excessive costs. And you could also create other initiatives, such as debates or book presentations. It would also allow those who can't afford to take a holiday, to find moments of leisure with friends and fellow citizens. The benefits of such an initiative would also be economic: think of the bars that would increase work, hoping that they stay open until late! Don't you think it would be great to see Piazza Vittoria come alive? The people who fill the square below with joy, as we said at the beginning, "a roof of stars"?. An almost idyllic image that we hope will come true.

Rossella Dosso - Gorizia3.0