Engelbert II Count of Gorizia (1100 approx. - 1187)


Born in the first decades of 1100, Engelberto (Engilberto, Enghelberto) II Count of Gorizia participated in the Second Crusade in the Holy Land led by Conrad III of Germany and Louis VII of France, which did not lead to any result (1147-1149), and was a comrade-in-arms and friend of Frederick Barbarossa. He clashed with the Patriarch of Aquileia Pellegrino, imprisoning him in his castle, in spite of the fact that he was the lawyer of the patriarchate, an example of the contrasts between the Counts of Gorizia and the patriarchs that would be repeated several times in the course of Gorizia's history.

Engelbert II died around 1187. His events, fictionalized but made perfectly plausible, can be read in Engilberto II Count of Gorizia (and manigoldo), work of Luigi Luzzatto Guerrini