Enzo Valentinuz (1946)


He lives and works in Romans d'Isonzo. After the Scuola dell'obbligo, he continued his studies at the Istituto Statale d'Arte in Gorizia and, subsequently, from 1966 to 1969 he attended the painting course of the master Bruno Saetti, assistant Carmelo Zotti, at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. He characterizes his work by painting frescoes and graffiti that, by means of a particular technique called "strappo", transfers on canvas these particular paintings rich of chromatic and material preciousness. In 1973 he stopped his artistic activity completely, looking for a job, having to support his newly formed family. In 2005 he resumed painting and proposed his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions. This new phase consists of a series of graffiti made with synthetic mortars and original collages of karstic stones painted with acrylic colors. He began to exhibit his works in 1965. He took part in the first national painting and sculpture competition reserved for art students organized as part of the XXVII Modena Fair. He takes part with a fresco and wins the first prize ex aequo which will be his also in the second edition while in 1967 he gets the second prize. 

He wins the first prize at the IV Student Art Exhibition held at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome and is awarded the Gold Medal of the Ministry of Education; the award ceremony takes place in the Campidoglio. This is followed by a large exhibition of the only award-winning works set up in the hall of honour of the new headquarters of "Il Giornale d'Italia". He is invited to exhibit at the Art Gallery "La Verritrè" in Milan together with the other winners of the Student Art Exhibition. From 1967 to 1973 he was present at three editions of the Regional Painting Prize "Carlo Sbisà" in San Pier d'Isonzo; at the Regional Biennial Prize "Stella Matutina" in Gorizia; at the "Sant'Ambroeus" Prize in Milan; at the Exhibition of May 1st at the U.I.L. Chamber of Labour in Trieste. In 1973, as already mentioned, he laid his brushes down and took them back into his hands in 2004, putting himself back into play as an artist. He exhibited in group exhibitions and competitions in Corno di Rosazzo, Iesolo, San Giorgio di Nogaro, Cordigano (TV), Romans d'Isonzo, Ruda, Castel Franco Veneto, Gorizia, Poggio Terza Armata (Sagrado), Cormons, Treppo Carnico, Gradisca d'Isonzo, Coupvray (France), Trieste. In 2004 he was invited by the Municipality of Romans to exhibit in the Council Hall. The exhibition entitled "Graffiti" marks the official return of Enzo Valentinuz to the art scene. This was followed, from 2006 to 2011, by various personal exhibitions: "Pittura Murale" at the Pinacoteca di Aquileia; "Graffiti" Villa de Brandis in San Giovanni al Natisone; "Crepis" at the Rebus Bookshop in Cormons; "Dà ârie" Casa Zonch in Versa by Romans d'Isonzo. "Arrival 1957... in Gorizia... Return 2007" Gallery "Mario Di Iorio" of the Isontina State Library of Gorizia; "In the shadow of the Castle" Emporio Casa di via Oberdan in Gorizia; "Meeting Point" Municipal Gallery of Schiefling am See (Austria); "Crepis" Hall of Proceedings of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Trieste; "Enzo Valentinuz", Spazio Arte del Bar Rullo in Cormons; "Sentiero 77" Gallery of the Cultural Club "Jezero" in Doberdò del Lago; "Fuori Studio", Spazio Target in Romans d'Isonzo; "Là a pit" in the Sala Marizza of the Municipal Library of Fogliano-Redipuglia; "Fat(t)o a mano - Roberto Cantarutti, Luciano de Gironcoli, Enzo Valentinuz" Palazzo Meizlik Aquileia; "I colori della memoria" enoteca "Luka" in Giasbana (San Floriano del Collio); "Sands and Stones, Walls and Walls" Municipal Library of Staranzano; "The colors of matter" Studio Arkema of Portogruaro (Ve); "Inauguration December 16", First Floor Literary Cafe Association of Brescia. Together with Luciano Martinis and Giovanni Pacor he exhibits at the Museo del Territorio of Cormons in the exhibition "Art is not a craft, it is a mystery". Enzo Valentinuz has opened his studio several times to the public to show the latest works produced.