Franco Spano' (1966)


He lives and works in Gorizia. Graduated at the Industrial Technical Institute "A. Malignani" of Udine in the specialization of Aeronautical Construction, he has dedicated himself to photography since the early 90s. He usually prefers prints on small size polythene paper, usually 30 x 20 cm. In outdoor exhibitions or in very large exhibition halls he makes prints with plotters on photographic paper of varying sizes. The largest print is exhibited in the Count's Hall of the Castle of Gorizia during the exhibition "Passaggi"; the photograph is 242 x 181 cm. He uses the technique of multiple exposure, generally from two to four superimposed shots taken with a traditional reflex camera. All images are normally untitled. Since 2005 he organizes and directs the activities of the cultural association for the promotion of contemporary arts "Prologo" of Gorizia. He started to produce artgistic photos in 1993 and joined the "Antemolites" Group, an association of artists that was born and developed in Gorizia. In 1994 the first exhibitions: "Transiti" at Porta Udine in Palmanova; "Antemolites in torre" at the medieval tower of Moggio Udinese; "Antemolites" at the "EXIT" Gallery in Gorizia; "Musica", a collective photography exhibition with authors from the Alpe Adria area in Monfalcone and Grado. 

In 1996 he was invited to the "Intart", International Biennial at the Friulian Plastic Arts Centre in Udine; "Art as..." in Romans d'Isonzo. In 1998 he exhibited at "Contemporanea 98" a travelling exhibition organized by the Province of Gorizia. In 2000 Spanò organized the first personal exhibitions: "Altri racconti" in the hall of the Ridotto of the Municipal Theatre of Cormons; at the Caffè De Rocco of Gorizia in 2002; at the Biblioteca Statale Isontina of Gorizia in 2004; at the Equilibri bookshop of Gorizia and, within the review &(in)Contemporanea& at the Municipal Theatre of Gorizia in 2006; at the Caffè Riva 51 of Monfalcone in 2008; at the Wine Cafè of Gorizia in 2010. From 2000 to the present day there have also been numerous and important presences at group or group exhibitions. Tribute in Gorizia& at the Kulturni center Lojze Bratuž in Gorizia; "DobiArtEventi 2004 Memoria" in Dobbia / Staranzano; "Archipelag - Archipelago". ,Art event Piazzale Transalpina in Gorizia; "Contemporary contact on video", SPAC - Spazio Per l'Arte Contemporanea in Buttrio (Ud); "Passaggi - Percorsi d'Arte nel Castello di Gorizia" international exhibition of contemporary art organized by the Cultural Association "Prologo" in cooperation with the Municipality of Gorizia; "Izložba velika jubilarna retrospektiva" at Grobnik Castle, Rijeka (Croatia); "09. 10 contemporary art exhibition" in the church San Girolamo in Cervignano del Friuli; "Vertigine del sacro" at the Galleria Comunale Dora Bassi in Gorizia; "Ventagli" at the Spazio Prologo in Gorizia; "La materia e il sogno - Omaggio a Carlo Michelstaedter" at the Galleria Comunale Dora Bassi in Gorizia; "Il quando di ora" at the Art Gallery of the Province in via Diaz in Gorizia; "Cromo" at the Transalpine Station, Nova Gorica (Slo); "Le connessioni dello Stivale" at the Provincial Museum of Borgo Castello in Gorizia; "50 artists for fifty years" at the Kulturni center Lojze Bratuž in Gorizia.