Frinta Elisa (1841- 1886)


Elisa de Barago, widowed Frinta, has remained in Gorizia's memory for the school she established, which still bears her name today. In life, however, she had not actively participated in the life of her city, because of the mourning that had marked her existence as a rich but unfortunate woman: the death of her husband after a few years of marriage and therefore the death of her only son. Alone and lonely, she put an end to her days by allowing herself to be asphyxiated by smoke in her apartment on April 13, 1886. She was only forty-five years old, having been born in 1841. A few days before committing suicide, she had made a will, disposing of her huge patrimony in favour of the young people of Gorizia, boys and girls, so that a popular school of Italian language and a school of women's work could be established, as well as scholarships for poor students of Italian nationality attending the University of Vienna, with particular attention to medical students.