Gian Giuseppe Bosizio (1660-1743) 


The abbot Gian Giuseppe Bosizio, translator in Friulian of Virgil, was born in Gorizia on March 20, 1660. He was the son of the noble Urbano Bosizio of Thurnberg and Iungenegg and Agnese de Studeniz. After completing his studies with the Jesuits in Gorizia and then in theology in Graz and taking orders in 1685, Abbot Bosizio was called in 1705 to exercise the office of Chancellor of the Gorizia Curia. He kept the office of Archdiocesan Chancellor for over thirty years, and was also honorary canon of the collegiate church of Pedena. In addition to his ecclesiastical office he also studied Italian and Latin literature, dabbling in painting and poetry, and translating Virgil's works into Friulian. His works, however, were only published after his death on 11 April 1743 in the house in via Rastello where he was born and lived. It was only in 1775 that the printer and publisher Giuseppe Tommasini from Gorizia published the Aeneid "translated into viars furlans berneschs by sior abat Zuan Josef Busiz"; a second edition appeared in Udine for the Vendrame types in 1830-1831, but "ridote a lezion pure friulane" by Giovanni Battista Della Porta, while there is news of a third edition in Trieste for the publisher Amati in 1892.

The Georgiche were published only in 1857 by Giovanni Paternolli, although scholars like Morelli had long hoped for an edition. Its publication was planned in 1775, at the time of the printing of the Aeneid (there is in fact an imprimatur that authorized the printing), but perhaps the poor health of Tommasini, who died in 1777, led to the suspension of the project. A second attempt was started in Udine, but was not realized. A second edition was published by Paternolli in 1866, edited by Giovanni Battista Filli: this was called "rivioduda e corretta", but was identical to the first. A third edition opened the series of supplements to "Studi goriziani" in 1934, and was edited by Dolfo Carrara.