Another magnificent treasure from Gorizia. The frescoes in the Chapel of Sant'Acazio, which surround the four Evangelists in one of the few medieval fragments that Gorizia preserves, probably date back to the second half of the 15th century. 

This pictorial cycle of great impact, as you will see from the images, is a sign of joy and serenity, a roof, a sky, another treasure of Gorizia recently restored to its ancient splendour in the framework of the wider restoration of the Metropolitan Cathedral, which presents itself as a real mine of evidence of the oldest Gorizia. The little church of Sant'Acazio is incorporated in the Cathedral and the angels play the lute, a portable organ, a German psalter with sticks, a dulciana, an Alemannic flute, a harp, a drum and a strange mandola very smiley to a guitar (perhaps modified in the restoration that such Melicher performed in 1904 and already then much criticized. 

These are the very same instruments on which the elegant music room in the castle became reality in the period 1996-98, prodromal to that Thetarum Instrumentorum which we later made together with Paolo Cecere, Fabio Cavalli at the Insieme Dramsam and the Accademia Jaufré Rudel. Today that exhibition is among the most appreciated of those who visit the castle and our city. Everything starts anyway from those extraordinary angels musicians, from that angelic roof above Gorizia.

Below, details of the restoration work carried out under the direction of the architect Lino Visintin by the studio Nevyjel e Regazzoni of Trieste are displayed.