With this post, we want to remember the figure of a great Goriziano, a jazz pianist with extraordinary interpretative skills: Ermi Bombi.

In Gorizia, few people remember the challenge between Bombi and the great Italian jazz pianist Giorgio Gaslini in October 1977. After an hour and a half of "friendly" duel, Gaslini declared himself "pleasantly surpassed by an incredible pianist" - adding - "But Ermi is from another planet, it's like saying Evans, Peterson, Garner, Tatum" - and again - "I find it hard to believe that he has never recorded an album and that he is hiding here in Gorizia".

What can we say?! A part of Gorizia to be proud of.

The strong bond between Gorizia and jazz exploded just after the Second World War when American troops showed what that music was.

After the Americans left, Bombi, together with sometimes the more melodic Edy de Leintenburg, became the king of live jazz music in Gorizia.

It can be said that the strong bond that was established between Gorizia and jazz made Gorizia a real city, with its distinctive trait, with its style.

Unfortunately, over time, this tradition has been lost, and it is a real shame considering the great past and success that there has been with jazz.

Considering the strong historical link that there is between Gorizia and jazz, why not organize some event to revive this tradition by enhancing the figure of Ermi Bombi!

Gorizia must focus on originality for its future and to do this it is enough to simply take inspiration from its history, from those fascinating, unique and original aspects that have made Gorizia a great city. Gorizia has all the cards to organize an event that also has a historical meaning.

This is our proposal and our invitation.

(Of course ... this presupposes knowledge of the history of Gorizia, but we are not entirely sure that those who have to know it).

Luca Michelutti - Gorizia3.0

Below is the link to our website where you can find the biography of Ermi Bombi and many unpublished videos and music of the great jazz pianist goriziano‼️