The mechanism is this: to the problems that Gorizia3.0 raises (Airport, Conference Center, Fairgrounds, Commercial Crisis, the Treasure of Aquileia, Auditorium... the list is almost endless) the notables of the city answer on "Il Piccolo" - a regional newspaper. 

We are pleased because the Trieste daily newspaper together with the Messaggero Veneto is the only media track left to testify that this is still a city. Since we read Il Piccolo every day, like many other citizens living in the Isonzo area, we know that today, the president of the "Ascom" (an Italian organisation on the side of merchants), takes finally into consideration the black crisis that the Gorizia and provincial shopkeepers are going through.
They are plunged into the whirlpool of internet and outlet competition certainly but also penalized by an absolute lack of vision, of programming that takes into account the changes in progress. The alarm was sounded the other day reporting disturbing data on the subject born/dead businesses in the former province. The example was the covered market, currently the subject of a reassessment between the Municipality and CCIAA Venezia Giulia (the Chamber of Commerce of both Gorizia and Trieste), in that poor synergy already seen at the test with the Airport and the Gorizia Fair. 

Moreover, the covered market is drifting apart, as evidenced by Coldiretti's (the largest representative body of Italian farmers) decision to create a new one in IX Agosto Street, instead of regenerating the Covered Market area, and so after the City Council decided to place a hypermarket next to it. Couldn't we create a zero kilometre centre designed as a glowing showcase of the excellences that our territory is rich in and that Gorizia3.0 is trying to point out with a certain periodicity? The managers of Ascom today declare that on the problem of the crisis of the shops "we are willing to question ourselves" - wow! - while they reveal to us that a supra-municipal policy has emerged on the empty shop windows that should allow - but this is what we say, coming out of the incomprehensible lexicon of Ascom - to stick some blow-ups just to avoid giving the idea of dead and buried cities. But concrete signs are expected.