A finale with a bang to crown this year's edition, which has set new, striking records for attendance and satisfaction. "Gusti di Frontiera" is confirmed as the flagship - in the wine and food field - of the entire Triveneto (and even beyond). Gorizia, therefore, is a salon of taste and products of tout le monde, as is appropriate for a city that has its roots in the fruitful interweaving of multiple ethnic, cultural, historical and, consequently, culinary contaminations. An initiative that manages to balance its popular character: because it is within everyone's reach, with the exclusivity of a unique proposal: the offer of a kaleidoscope of flavours and fragrances of the international spectrum. The heritage of which should in a certain sense be exalted and procrastinated, marking the typicality of local food and wine traditions. We have a dream, in short, and let us explain it better: net of the undisputed success that the event is, year after year, achieving: a sign that the formula is the right one, it would be appropriate - in our opinion - to give a special breath to local culinary traditions, bringing together in a dedicated space (which could be the central Piazza Vittoria) the offer of all our typical products. The good and the beautiful that Gorizia and Isontino know how to offer, through a synergistic understanding between companies and restaurants, to emphasize, resume and deepen the many recipes that are part of the culinary tradition of Gorizia: the result of that unique blend of culture and ethnicity that distinguishes it. Ours is also an invitation to Gorizia's trattorias and restaurants to exalt the local cuisine, savouring the aftertaste of a fertile mix of different but complementary cultures and customs (Italic, Slavic, German, Friulian, Jewish).

Rossella Dosso - Gorizia3.0