The Provincial Museums of Gorizia will take the first step towards the return to the community that wanted, desired and created them in the autumn of this year, after the Region will have constituted the Regional Decentralization Bodies (EDR) first step towards the reconstitution of the Provinces of Udine, Trieste, Pordenone and Gorizia. It will finally repair the unfortunate decisions to the combined arranged Serracchiani- Gherghetta and Torrenti -provincial councillors, who took away in Gorizia the management of its cultural treasure by constituting that coach that Ettore Romoli called "salaries" and whose function nobody has yet understood, except the beneficiaries, that is some managers whose position had been waiting for years to be properly hinged.

Among the "productions" of the Erpac, an exhibition on Russian realism November 2017- March 2018, cost a disproportionate amount (it is said over 500 thousand euros but we, as Crozza says, do not believe it) but if it were true it would be equivalent to at least 5 major exhibitions in five and more years to enhance the artistic heritage of our Art Gallery. What compensation for the robbery carried out (a heritage that only for the paintings was recklessly and poorly quantified in 8,263,850 euros) the Regional Council led by Serracchiani, promised 4 or 5 million euros to repaint Villa Louise, entrusting the restoration to the Ater.L'Ater of Gorizia? No idea: to the one in Udine. Conclusion, the beautiful villa owned by the Coronini Foundation is as it was three years ago. The works, started, are part of that nate news not received: perhaps the Foundation, respecting the will of Count Guglielmo, could say something about it. We remember that the ERPAC, was created on the margins of the constitution of that other disaster that were the UTI, created in the name of a simplification that destroyed four provinces to create 17 new ones. The ERPAC, ingeniously, brought together in a single useless body Villa Manin, magnificent - and empty - eighteenth-century complex, the museum of the peasant civilization of San Vito al Tagliamento (sic), and our museums, a real mine of art and culture. And of History with a capital "S" because they also include the Provincial Historical Archive, the "documented diary" of our town and its County. A precious treasure chest of Central Europe, the ownership of the provincial museums, genius, went 100% to Gorizia and 100% to Monfalcone, preventing the return of this immense heritage to the city that had created it. The Regional Councillor for Culture Tiziana Gibelli, supported by the Regional Councillor Diego Bernardis, has therefore taken on board what was the will of the territory - which we have supported with our sword - and the Provincial Museums will return not to the Municipality of Gorizia, but to the new Province of which our city - hopefully - will be the capital. Palazzo Attems Petzenstein with the Picture Gallery, the Museum of the Great War, the Provincial Historical Archive will once again be under the management of Gorizia and Gorizia. We are convinced that the whole territory will benefit greatly from it and we believe that from now on our city should think about how to make the most of this great "gift" that 2020 brings us, also concerning the candidacy of Gorizia-Nova Gorica as the capital of European culture and that of Collio-Brda as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Will someone be able to put this opportunity together in practice? The region, you help us.


*We report from Il Piccolo of 26 February 2016, an article by Francesco Fain: "There was talk of 7.5 million worth. In reality, the Provincial Museum Art Gallery is worth even more: 8,263,850 euros. The figure, per cent, comes from the definitive inventory made by the Province to quantify the value of its treasures. This is why the future ownership of the collections is becoming increasingly edgy. "The Art Gallery - explains the provincial councillor for Culture, Federico Portelli - is made up of a total of 736 paintings: 32 of these are worth more than 50,000 euros each. There are also 2,228 prints, 162 drawings, 13 sculptures in storage".