The Collio case has been followed by many of our readers whom we thank. It has also been criticized by those who still think that Collio cannot be understood as a territory in which many activities happily coexist in addition to the very famous and rightly celebrated viticulture and winemaking.

Here, then, is the production of amazing cold cuts, among which excels a ham produced in Cormons of which we will not mention the name so as not to risk advertising; there are the superlative cheeses of such a Borgnano; there are those incredible producers of the Rosa di Gorizia; and many other products as well as restaurateurs of international level, hotels, B&B etc..

Then there are - just to give an example - two towns called San Floriano and Dolegna, both "del Collio", to indicate that this territory of ours exists, even outside the labels on wine bottles. But Collio - they reminded us with a certain polemic verve - is an area of wine production and as such it has the copyright.

In our opinion - but it seems that also many politicians, administrators, producers - the Collio, which benefited from the work of the winemakers and the Gorizia Count Sigismondo Douglas Attems Petzenstein, who was the first in FVG to create a DOC, should be promoted as a territory, globally. That's why we proposed "Made in Collio", forgetting a tragic precedent: that "Little Collio", a beautiful invention, struck down in its first year of age by the C.'s copyright defenders.

Now we know that things, thanks to Cormonesi will (but Gorizia never says anything? and yet Oslavia, which is part of its territory is in the Consorzio a Doc) and chamber initiatives (Cciaa VG) things seem to be changing. We can't wait.