Alba Gurtner -who left us in 2012 - and the deterioration of the Wall of 5 languages in Piedimonte: an issue that has already been raised for a few years on the FB goriziagorizia page and has been taken up by us of goriziagorizia3.0 with a post that has reached thousands of users - whom we thank - on the state of the Piedimonte murals. 

The newspaper Il Piccolo has dedicated a page to it and we are happy about it, also because first of all Comune and Fondazione Carigo have declared themselves willing to give a hand, hopefully coordinating well, without going on their own. 

However, a collective effort is necessary to start a difficult work of recovery and security, so that it would be good for the City Council to get the concrete help of the Chamber of Commerce and especially from the Erpac (former provincial museums), institutions that must be urged to do their part. 

If the good intentions will be followed - as we hope - by concrete initiatives, an equally extraordinary experience will have taken place: that of reaching an objective of public interest, in this case, cultural and tourist, starting from the listening (by the press) of those who have been able to set their eyes, for once not distracted by the frenzy of everyday life, on a treasure of Gorizia. The Municipality has declared that it will link the possible restoration to the European City of Culture project, denying the usual no se pol (from the dialect: it's not doable)

In the meantime we repeat the advice: let's take pictures of the murals and display them in the windows of the many disused shops. You never know. We started by putting in this video ALL the works that are the jewel of Piedimonte and Gorizia. Alba Gurtner had made, for her Gorizia, an exceptional work...