As if our city lacked problems, here is the ugly mess of the former Fiera di Gorizia, to which Rodolfo Ziberna tries to put some unconvincing patches since the problem was born many years ago, 2006, when the Chamber of Commerce - at that time it was in Gorizia - decided to unite the destinies of the Fair of Gorizia with those of its sister company in Udine, creating Udine-Gorizia Fairs. 

The latter was a move within a wider and certainly sensible strategy: to unite the four regional fairs (Pordenone, Udine, Gorizia, Trieste) in a single structure. So much so that in 2007 - correct us if we are wrong - Union Fiere FVG was set up with a press presentation and promotional brochure. But the Fair of Trieste closed its doors and put its district on sale while Pordenone did not want to know about it. The only one to promptly withdraw from its autonomy was Gorizia, always ready to give up its prerogatives for the good of others. It is the same thing that years later - left reigning - did with the Chamber of Commerce, which was subjugated to that of Trieste in the name of a fantastic regional Chamber of Commerce unit of which you can not see even the shadow. 

Today the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste - pardon, of Venezia Giulia - which also includes that of Gorizia, through its mega-director states that the fairground on the banks of the Isonzo will be indisputable for "significant interventions" - see Il Piccolo - on pavilions A and B which cost only those of 1.1 million euros because there is also the necessary (and no longer postponable) maintenance of the roofs. But if the Chamber of Commerce of Venezia Giulia - formerly of Gorizia - has declared its lack of interest in the exhibition market by even auctioning the shares of Udine Gorizia Fiere? That is to say: Trieste is released from the fairs of Udine and Gorizia - as always happens - pays pledge. Expomego (ExpoUD?) moves and Pollice Verde (Green Thumb) goes to Piazza Vittoria, as it was also done a few years ago. Expensive renovation works for objectives that it would be good if they were made explicit by the Chamber of Commerce (Hypermarket? Gardaland in sixteenth? Technological exhibition halls?) rather than by Ziberna. Provided that the top management of the Via Roma institution has an objective, perhaps involving Gorizia.


In the photo: the poster of Ortogiardino of Pordenone: wouldn't coordination be necessary?