Kugy Julius (1858-1944)


Julius Kugy was probably born in Gorizia and spent the first days of his life in our city. He remembered it himself in his autobiography: "I was born on 19 July 1858 in Count Coronini's Villa Grafenberg in Gorizia, when a cholera epidemic raged in Trieste. Who knows if my predilection for the Isonzo, for the Julian Alps from which it descends, for the Julian waters that it conveys to the sea, generally for summer holidays, does not derive from this?". And near the springs of the Isonzo, in Val Trenta, a statue of him has been placed.

Kugylived all his life in Trieste, but spent a lot of time in the mountains, to which he really belonged more than to one or the other city. He died in Trieste on February 5th 1944.Alpinist and mountain writer, the "cantore delle Giulie" was translated and made known to the Italian public by another Goriziano, Ervino Pocar, also on the initiative of the Gorizia section of the Italian Alpine Club and its president Mario Lonzar. From the life of an alpinist, My life at work, for music, on the mountains, The Giulie Alps through images, From the past are titles that every mountain lover knows well. "Alpinismo goriziano", the magazine of the Gorizia section of the CAI, has frequently dedicated space to the figure of Kugy.In 1969, during the 5th Alpi Giulie Conference, a plaque was discovered on the house - not precisely the Villa Coronini, but one of the houses belonging to it, inside the park - where Kugy was born. The plaque, placed by the Italian Alpine Club and the twin Austrian association, recalls the birth of the mountaineer "discoverer and poet of the Julian Alps". The conference was dedicated to him, a forerunner of friendship and union between the Italian, Carinthian and Slovenian peoples to whom the mountains he loved so much belonged. The city of Gorizia also remembers him with a street that bears his name.