It is held today (December 1) at the casino of Saint Vincent in Val d'Aosta on the last day of the international tournament of "Goriziana", organized by the Italian Billiards Federation (FIBIS: there is also a Triveneto committee). That Gorizia is a little known city is known by all those who have travelled in Italy and abroad: it is a defect of the city, which never manages to enhance its peculiarities. An example? That intriguing game that is billiards, whose most famous version in the world is precisely the "Goriziana". Our grandparents or our fathers remember well that once upon a time in Gorizia there was almost no bar that did not have a billiard table. A game that allowed you to stay in the company, to make friends, to make friends, unlike those horrible slot machines, which replenish the revenue of the state by exploiting worrying loneliness, feeding devious solipsism. Let's remember the cafe Teatro, always crowded, or those of Garibaldi, wherein the smoke of cigarettes the Gorizians challenged each other with sticks. Obviously playing the Goriziana. For us young people it is not even a memory, but an echo of other times: a sort of beautiful fairy tale. It would be nice to know with certainty the origin of the Goriziana: let's go for hypothesis, hoping that someone knows more about it. The court of Charles X of Bourbon could have introduced billiards in our territory during his stay in Gorizia: in Versailles, this pastime was in fact very popular and the King was - it seems - an enthusiastic supporter of it. And since billiards is also played in all the territories of the former Habsburg empire, why not organize in our city the Tournament of the Three Nations (Italy, Slovenia, Austria) where the champions of the "Goriziana" will compete on the last pin? We know that organizing such a tournament has some costs: but it would be an exceptional event, brought back to its original location: Gorizia. A way to encourage even among young people a game of skill far more interesting than the thunderous delirium of the home-wrecking machines that everyone would like to abolish in words.

Kevin Cucit - Gorizia3.0

Photo: from Wikipedia - The coronation of Charles the Tenth in France