Yesterday Il Sole24Ore published a survey on the quality of leisure time in the 107 Italian PROVINCES (and NON CITIES), analyzing through 12 indicators (see photo) the tourist attraction, some leisure services and cultural offers. Our Province has shown, for the umpteenth time, that it can be a subject capable of making itself heard both in the Region and throughout Italy, and reinforces the reason why this page was born, namely the commitment to the reconstitution of the province of Gorizia, as an entity capable of creating development and well-being.

The Province of Gorizia is the 2nd in terms of presence in cinemas and the 7th in terms of theatre offers. As far as theatre is concerned, the excellent work of the Artistic Director of the Teatro Verdi of Gorizia, Walter Mramor, who manages the theatre of Cormòns and Gradisca to offer a programme with more than 40 shows without overlapping within a radius of only 10 km, is certainly significant. Mramor has managed to characterize the theatre season in Gorizia, original and brilliant even compared to richer and more important realities.

As far as cinema is concerned, we would like to congratulate Giuseppe Longo and his Kinemax team, and remember how significant the multi-screen cinemas in the Province are: in Gorizia (Kinemax - 3 theatres), in Monfalcone (Kinemax - 5 theatres) and Villesse (UCI Cinema - 7 theatres). Also worth mentioning are the Gorizia Film Library, the DAMS and the prestigious "Amidei" International Award for Best Screenplay. So, what about... Excellent results for a Province that knows how to enhance Culture and Tourism (also in economic terms). And speaking of expenditure for culture and protection of cultural heritage, from a survey conducted by the Open Polis Foundation (data 2017) and published by Il Piccolo (on 14/07/2019) the city of Monfalcone is 5th, among all the cities of our Region, for funding for cultural activities. To follow there is Grado (24th place), Gradisca (25th place) and Gorizia (72nd place). Among the items that surprise in negative (in the survey conducted by Sole24Ore and reported by Il Piccolo today), for our Province, there is 36th place in the ranking of restaurants and bars, and, above all, 94th place (out of 107) related to exhibitions and shows.


(The data cited refer to the publications conducted by Il Sole24Ore and Il Piccolo)