There is a place where our province finds itself, discusses and speaks, and without exaggeration, it finds itself, returns to its identity and its will to live: the Molin Vecio of Gradisca, few kilometres away from Gorizia. This place is a sort of the epicentre of the enoic and gastronomic virtues that puts at the table the Bisiacaria and the Destra Isonzo, Gorizia and Staranzanesi. All under a sky of historical branches, pans and hanging pots that recall the vocation of the place where today, under a hereditary optimism, Luca Spessot offers patrons a sixty-degree grappa. As well as a few but very tasty dishes.

The restaurant was bought by Luca and Cesare's great-grandfather, the current owners. Federico Spessot of Farra in 1929. After making his fortune in Venezuela, Federico returned to Gradisca d'Isonzo and bought the mill where grains were ground until the fifties. Then in 1964, the Molin became a wine shop and over time it became the welcoming place we know. When you enter you are surrounded by a beautiful wooden counter, you can admire paintings by local painters and photos of a Gradisca d'Isonzo of other times hanging on the walls and, on the ceiling, as many as five hundred historical branches bring back to the old Friulian kitchens. "The secret of Vecio Mulin - says Luca Spessot - is that all social categories meet here" and also all political currents we add, who here discuss, quarrel, agree in front of one of the legendary slices of mortadella or a good glass of wine. This tavern, also known to Austrians and Slovenians, has been visited by people such as Pier Paolo Pasolini and the Friulian father of the divorce Loris Fortuna, all the politicians of the First Republic who entertained here with the unforgettable Bruno, an exceptional innkeeper, a character that conquered with his irony and cheerfulness.

In addition to the two hosts Luca and Cesare in the kitchen there is the talented granddaughter Diana, who reproduces grandmother Alba's historical recipes from Friuli. Traditional seasonal dishes are served: Tripe, Gnocchi with Goulash, Jota, Muset and Brovada, Sausages with Sauerkraut, a typical Hapsburg dish whose ingredients Luca and Cesare bring directly from Austria, while on Fridays the inevitable Cod is served. Between one sip of wine and the other, you can enjoy a slice of San Daniele ham, aged twenty months and cut by hand, the tasty Coderno Cheese or a slice of delicious cooked with Cren. There is no lack of Romans Salami, accompanied by crispy bread, but also, a superlative Mortadella "that - says Luca Spessot - can only come from Bologna and that we serve strictly diced " That's how it is done. And for the voracious ones, there is the delicious apple Strudel, again made by Diana.

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