How many schools named after Dante Alighieri? Thousands for sure, and so for Manzoni, Pascoli, Carducci and so on. They deserve it without a doubt. But even the firmament of Gorizia is illuminated - without a doubt - by stars that, on a cultural level, emanate a dazzling light that Gorizia does not fully grasp. So we would like to put forward this proposal that seems to us sacrosanct: we think that to Carlo Michelstaedter, a young man from Gorizia that the cultural and philosophical world has rediscovered in not remote times and whose thought is the subject of continuous, passionate and thorough re-evaluation - should be dedicated the Liceo Classico Gorizia, which was his school. The Liceo represents for its educational and cultural quality (hoping that no one will suffer) the excellence of the city's school and as such should boast the name of the most illustrious Gorizia. We intend to make of it a battle (of persuasion of course). If a petition will be useful: we will do it. Someone will say that there are much more pressing urgencies. That the citizen cares that there are no holes in the road, that the lighting works, that there are welcoming schools and away with the wind. Other needs and other decisions have a less tangible and not at all palpable nature, but they are those that contribute to forging our identity and our belonging to a unique cultural heritage because it is both ours and the world's. Carlo Michelstaedter is the highest expression of that virtuous congeries of cultures, feelings, ethnic interweaving and values that represent our wealth of identity. Carlo Michelstaedter High School, in Viale XX Settembre, in front of the villa and Coronini park. 

Rossella Dosso - Gorizia3.0