The mayor of Gorizia Ziberna, in the town council, fully agreeing with them, has taken up the requests of the young representative of the League Andrea Tomasella and that is to take an active part "to define together with the other municipalities of San Lorenzo Isontino, Mossa, Capriva, Moraro and Farra d'Isonzo and Cormons a proposal that, transforming the service from extra-urban to urban, could allow the continuous availability of Apt vehicles at a reasonably frequent hourly rate, between Gorizia, Cormons and Gradisca d'Isonzo". Gorizia3.0 has insisted with conviction on the new public transport of the Apt, which can finally connect in fact what will be the new province of Gorizia that, thanks to the mayors of the territory and the FVG Region, will be reconstituted. We are talking about the transformation of the Gorizia-Cormons line from suburban to urban. So we are happy that the mayor of Gorizia, Rodolfo Ziberna, has made Tomasella's questioning his own. We also remember that a similar interpellation had already been presented to the mayor of Capriva del Friuli by the town councillors Rossella Dosso and Luca Michelutti, from the editorial committee of Gorizia3.0. Ziberna, during the council, said he had already interacted with the new president of the Apt Caterina Belletti regarding the Gorizia-Cormons line: after having verified the practicability of the road section - so said the mayor of the Isonzo capital - the experimentation will start to test the response of the users and the concrete costs of the project, which aims to make an indispensable service for the citizens of the Destra Isonzo and build a tourist synergy now indispensable in the territory of Collio Goriziano-Cormonese.


In the photo: Gorizia, Cormons, Andrea Tomasella, town councillor of Gorizia and Rodolfo Ziberna mayor of Gorizia.