A province is about to be reborn and is that of Gorizia: it is essential to give it solid legs on which to walk, avoiding the creation of plethoric superstructures such as the "Gorizia System", but operating on the front of common services, to make the Isonzo or Friuli Orientale an example of unity and efficiency at the service of the citizens. Just Gorizia3.0, based on an article published in August in FB goriziagorizia, has made the strengthening of the public transport service Gorizia-Cormons a battle of its own, apparently breaking down doors that were waiting to be opened. 

The proposal was born "to define, together with the other municipalities of San Lorenzo Isontino, Mossa, Capriva, Moraro and Cormons, a service that transforms the service from extra-urban to urban, and therefore allows the continuous availability of Apt vehicles at a reasonably frequent hourly rate, between Gorizia and Cormons". The proposal of the town councillors Dosso and Michelutti was taken up by the mayor of Capriva Sergon; it was very well received by the mayor of Gorizia Ziberna, who shared the opinion of the town councillor Tomasella. Today, the proposal is being brought to the attention of the new top management of the Apt who have the study a first step, a sort of experimental phase that should start as soon as possible. Gorizia-Lucinico- San Lorenzo-Mossa- Capriva- Moraro- Cormons. A service that facilitates the journeys within the treasure of our province, that is the territory of Collio, which should pass regularly and in an adequately short time (half an hour, three-quarters of an hour?) and until midnight. In this project Cormons should become a sort of inter-provincial hub: couriers would stop near the railway station where they could take the train to Udine and other destinations, but also take advantage of connections with the territory of Cividale. The mayor of Cormons Roberto Felcaro says he agrees with the project which, among other things, reinforces the already operational idea of synergy between nine municipalities in the Collio area, of which Cormons is the leader and which also includes San Lorenzo, Mossa, Capriva, Moraro, Medea, Dolegna, San Floriano, Mariano. A wider discourse would extend the project to a sort of "circular Destra Isonzo" " reaching also Gradisca d'Isonzo through Mariano and then returning to the capital of the Isonzo through Farra. But let's leave it to the technicians and the management of the Apt to evaluate any further proposal.


In the photo: the mayor of Cormons, Roberto Felcaro