Lipizer Rodolfo (1895 - 1974)


On January 16, 1895 Rodolfo Lipizer was born in our city. After studying at the School of Music in Gorizia with the masters Bois and Lucarini, he attended the State Music Academy of Vienna, where he studied violin for seven years with Hugo von Steiner and Gottfried Feist, and the Faculty of Philosophy and Music Sciences at the University of Vienna. He stayed in the Austrian capital during the First World War, after which he went to Milan to obtain his violin diploma at the "Giuseppe Verdi" Conservatory. 

After a further stay in Vienna to perfect his violin and composition, he undertook for a few years a career as a violinist. In 1924 he founded the Gorizia Symphony Orchestra, of which he was director. He conducted the Orchestra Sinfonica di Abbazia from 1927 to 1929; in 1930 he returned to Gorizia, where - until 1961 - he was director of the Institute of Music. In Gorizia Rodolfo Lipizer directed, among other things, the symphonic music and singing show with which the Verdi Theatre was inaugurated on February 15, 1938, renovated to a design by the architect Cuzzi, and the concert with which, on August 3, 1947, the castle was reopened to the public after the first phase of restoration to the damage suffered during the war. Among the various positions held, he was also president of the International Choral Singing Competition "Cesare Augusto Seghizzi" from 1961 until his death on 8 June 1974. In addition to teaching the violin and composition, Maestro Lipizer also dedicated himself to teaching, publishing various works on the subject, the most famous and appreciated of which was La tecnica superiore del violino, published in 1958. Since 1982 the international violin competition dedicated to him has been held in Gorizia, organized by the cultural association "M° Rodolfo Lipizer", made up of the musician's students.