Luciano de Gironcoli (1947)


He lives and works in Cormons and attends the course of mural painting decoration (frescoes, graffiti, polished frescoes, temperas) at the State Institute of Art of Gorizia. He exhibits in public for the first time, in 1962, on the occasion of the exhibition of works participating in the San Floriano Prize (Gorizia). Since then he has taken part in hundreds of collective exhibitions, competitions, local, national and international art exhibitions and has set up numerous personal exhibitions in public and private galleries. He has been part of the International Group of Visual Arts &2xGO& and has been a founding member and for a certain period of time also president of the Cultural Association &EXIT& which, for ten years, has carried out in Gorizia an intense activity of promotion of contemporary art. He is currently a member of the Cultural Association "Amici di "Isonzo-Soča&", and is the editor of the homonymous magazine of which he is the editor of the cultural/political column "Arte&Parte". With 2012 he reaches the goal of 50 years of work and presence in the artistic field. 

Since 2010 he has set up the following solo exhibitions: "Grunt 223" 10 coloured drawings for the new Cd of the Exposurensemble group at the Spazio "Tilt" Cormons. "Il territorio di Narciso ovvero il migliore punto di vista dell'architetto" in Gorizia "1628 Piazza Grande Wine Café - Il circo delle pentole". "1960 - 1970 Works on paper" at the Municipal Library of Fogliano Redipuglia Sala Marizza (Gorizia). "Anniottanta" at the Gran Guardia Hall, Town Hall of Palmanova, Piazza Grande of Palmanova. "The best point of view of the architect" at Studio ArKema- Architetti Associati in Portogruaro (Ve). Among the many group exhibitions to remember: the project "1+1 = 3 Il Paesaggio della Pittura - Roberto Cantarutti and Luciano de Gironcoli present Rolu Gircan" Museo del territorio Cormons in 2008 and "Art Base Galery" in Brussels in September 2012. Exhibition of "Group C6" at the State Library of Trieste. "San Floriano Award" exhibition of works participating in San Floriano del Collio (Gorizia). "2nd Autumn Hall of Art Triestina" Palazzo Costanzi Trieste. "Great Artists for the Shipyard" Palazzetto Veneto Monfalcone. "Cortocircuito - Art in the Country" Società Cormonese Austria and other venues in the historic center of Cormons. "Collective Art" at the Gallery "La Piazzetta" Udine. "Vertigo del Sacro" and "Ventagli" at the "Prologue" Exhibition Space in Gorizia. "The wall of Piedimonte" sketches of the murals at the Exposition Space ex Colour Centre in via Leoni in Gorizia. "Zbirka iz Foresterije& at Pilonova Galerija Ajdovščina (Slo). "The refraction of art - 50 years of painting at Max Fabiani" at the Palazzetto Veneto in Monfalcone. "Contemporary art in Friuli Venezia Giulia -1961/2011" at Villa Manin in Passariano - Codroipo (Udine). "A" Cormons - Collective exhibition of Cormonese artists at the Bar Rullo Internet C@fé in Cormons. "50 artists for fifty years" at Kulturni center Lojze Bratuž in Gorizia. "The idea and the form. It lacks only the word" painters, sculptors, photographers, poets - Villa Conti Toppo a Toppo di Travesto (Pn) - Castello di Colloredo a Colloredo di Monte Albana (Ud) - Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art in Monfalcone.