Luzenberger Luigi (1859-1893)


On July 20, 1893 the "Corriere di Gorizia" reported the news of the death of Luigi de Luzenberger, who had died the day before when he was only 33 years old. De Luzenberger, born on September 2, 1859, after having obtained his high school diploma at the Staatsgymnasium of Gorizia in 1878, had gone to Vienna to follow his university studies at the law faculty. He had discovered a literary vocation, however, and had published his first poems in Vienna, under the pseudonym "Italo Sonzio". Back in Gorizia, he was a collaborator of the "Corriere di Gorizia" by Carolina Luzzatto, publishing some writings also on the "Pro Patria nostra" of Trieste and on the "Pagine friulane" of Udine. He was the first librarian of the Civic Library in the period in which it was not yet open to the public, but he began the work of inventory and filing of the works, in the years 1888-1889. The commemorations of the time defined him as an "Italian poet and thinker": he gave lectures at the Reading Cabinet and published, in addition to brochures on philosophical subjects, several collections of verses: Sfumature e Vagando in Vienna, in 1882; Versi in Gorizia in 1886; Naufraghi in Naples, in 1891; Arazzi in Trieste, in 1892, at the publisher Caprin. All his poems are in Italian, and touch on various themes; few contain references to the Gorizia environment. Perhaps also for this reason there has been no rediscovery or revaluation of his figure as a young and promising intellectual, already well inserted in the cultural environment of Gorizia at the end of the century.